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SBO Probiotics Ultimate

The Perfect Trifecta For Gut Health

50 Billion Shelf-Stable CFUs Per Serving

Soil-based organisms are often stronger than other forms of bacteria since they don’t require refrigeration or any special handling. They can generally survive the journey through the stomach to the intestines.

Soil-based organisms are typically able to “seed” the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria which can grow and flourish to support health, including supporting healthy digestion and a healthy immune system.†

The Ultimate Probiotic Trifecta 

This Ultimate Probiotic includes a combination of 50 billion CFU* (*at time of manufacture) soil-based probiotics soil-based probiotics plus prebiotics and postbiotics (setting the stage for, with and after the probiotics) to create a “trifecta” approach. SBO probiotics are often hardier than other types of probiotics and resistant to harsh environments. Pre-biotics act as “fertilizer” for probiotics. Post-biotics are the metabolites (enzymes and organic acids) created by probiotics.


Form: Capsule 

Serving Size: 2 Capsules 

# of Servings: 30

Saccharomyces boulardii

A traveling French baker named Henri Boulard originally discovered this beneficial yeast. He noticed that natives eating fermented mango typically experienced less digestive issues than others. Many believe this is due to the naturally occurring Saccharomyces boulardii. This beneficial, tropical species of yeast supports healthy gut transit time, along with healthy immune system and digestive function support.†

Bacillus subtilis
A soil-based, spore-forming probiotic that supports normal microflora in the gut, healthy gut function, normal digestion and a healthy immune system, in addition to promoting a healthy GI tract and a healthy inflammation response.† Naturally found in the environment and plants, they are hardy and typically have an evolved array of survival tactics. As one of the first bacteria to be studied, Bacillus subtilis typically has an extraordinary ability to survive harsh conditions, producing “end-products” allowing it to endure extreme conditions of heat, dryness, humidity and acidity in the environment.
Bacillus coagulans
Bacillus coagulans is a shelf-stable spore-former supports healthy bowel transit time, digestive function, oral health and healthy gut flora.†
Clinically Studied Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract
Ashwagandha root extract provides specific benefits for men including support for healthy male reproductive function, muscle recovery, athletic performance and a positive mental outlook.†
The Highest Quality
Organic Fermented 

Botanical Blend

Full of superfoods and fermented for overall absorption support, this blend acts as a prebiotic (and even somewhat of a postbiotic due to the fermentation) as it features organic botanicals traditionally used to support digestion like organic black pepper fruit, organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, organic apple cider vinegar, organic black pepper fruit oil, organic ginger root extract and organic turmeric root extract.
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Ancient Nutrition fermented herbs are powered by fermentation — our own proprietary, patent-pending, dual-stage, live fermentation process. Fermentation is an ancient process used to break down food into more absorbable components. We ferment select ingredients on a farm owned by our co-founders so we can ensure maximum quality.
Strain Diversity
The four diverse probiotic strains include “ultimate” amounts of soil-based strains and a yeast----to support the gut in multiple ways, including supporting normal microflora in the gut, comfortable digestion and a healthy immune system.
Many probiotic strains are fragile and require refrigeration to survive. Even when you take them, they may not all make it into your gut to colonize. SBOs are resistant to extremes in temperature as well as the harsh digestive tract. That's why SBO Probiotics Ultimate is made from strains that occur naturally in the soil, called soil-based organisms (SBOs). These strains are tough, and they survive without refrigeration.
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"I have been really happy with the results"
My name's Elise. I'm 37, I'm a mother of two. I also work full time. I've followed Dr. Axe for a long time, years now. The SBO Probiotic is one of my favorites. I enjoy that specifically because it does not have to be refrigerated and also I just found some really great health benefits. Gut health is a synonymous with health in my mind. It's always been a priority and so I've always made it a priority to take a good probiotic. And when Dr. Axe came out with his product, I immediately jumped on board and have been really happy with the results. I just think it's incredibly important for a healthy lifestyle. So high quality supplements are extremely important to me. I value that much more, maybe above price or anything else. I specifically like the SBO Probiotic because I know I can trust Dr. Axe and that he's going to provide a quality product.  

- Elise - REAL USER

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